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Fully Recyclable British Green Shield

woman wearing green shield

Fully Recyclable British Green Shield – a sustainable and more permanent solution – perfect for retail and beauty sectors, as well as the general public.

Our Green Shield sets consist of a headband and ten recyclable inserts. Further inserts can be bought separately (see below). These are both skin-friendly and environmentally responsible as the inserts are made from flake sourced under the Prevented Ocean Plastic initiative.


Fully Recyclable British NHS Visor

woman wearing face visor

Fully Recyclable Single-Use NHS Visor: The single use NHS visor consists of a recyclable visor made from flake sourced under the Prevented Ocean Plastic initiative and a piece of medically approved foam that keeps the visor away from the forehead.

It is comfortable to work in when wearing glasses and it helps absorb any excess perspiration. It is skin-friendly and very sustainable.


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Prevented Ocean Plastic

The initiative aims to reduce plastic pollution in our oceans. Locals in countries with poor waste management systems are employed to collect washed-up plastic items from the shores to be turned into flake.

This not only helps create sustainable jobs in those communities, but it also makes our Green Shields ocean-friendly. You can learn more about the Prevented Ocean Plastic initiative here.

Face Masks

A photograph of a disposable face mask.

We now also provide CE Certified Face Masks!

Disposable Face Masks approved for PPE use.

  • Pack of 50
  • Three layers of fabric


Are face visors effective against COVID-19?
Our face visors are effective in protecting against spread of infection, including coronavirus as they are CE 728708 marked and so:

  • Conform to the PPE Regulation and EU recommendation 2020/403 scheme
  • Are BS 2020:403 compliant
  • As a result, they are officially certified as PPE for use specifically against COVID-19.

Can visors be used instead of masks?
Face visors can be worn instead of face masks, but they are most effective when worn together. You can read more about the benefits of both on our blog.

Are face visors reusable?
Our CE-marked face shields are intended for single-use and should be disposed of at the end of a shift to be most effective. But they are recyclable. The final decision of whether to clean and reuse these visors is up to the person wearing them.

As featured on Channel 4 and BBC Radio

“I’m delighted to let you know that your incredibly kind donation of Visors arrived safe and sound at the House with us this morning. I know that it hasn’t been an easy time for many, so having been shown such kindness in the midst of it all really does mean so much to everyone. I hope you’re all really proud of what you have managed to accomplish during such a difficult time. Thank you so very much for helping us to keep our families and staff safe.

– T. Harvey, House Manager, Ronald McDonald House, Glasgow

“Thanks for all the sample face protectors. They all work well for me. Easy to put on and off. A sponge on the forehead prevents getting sweaty. Good product.”

– Irene, ITU Consultant, Warwick Hospital.

“We commend you for your innovation and for stepping out to assist your countrymen in such a positive way.”

– Eamon Judge, President ISPE Ireland Affiliate.

“Thank you for supplying the plastic sheets for our visor production. Our Laboratory is producing visors for our front line colleagues as fast as we can. Materials are always a problem at this time and without your help we would have been stuck. Thank you again for this generous offer, It has really made a difference.”

-Colin Gravenor, Morriston Hospital.

“On behalf of all the team at Bickerley Green we would like to say a HUGE thank you for the donation of the face visors. It means so much to us and will allow us to continue caring for our residents safely.”

– N. Brindle, Bickerley Green Residential & Nursing Home.

“We are proud to call you “our supplier partners”. Stay safe and thank you for your current and ongoing support.”

– Gavin Ashe, Managing Director, Kite Packaging Ltd.

“Thank you all so much for these visors! I’m wearing mine today and I can hardly even notice it. It’s so much more comfortable and it’s not sticking out as much, so I no longer keep hitting it off things!”

– Kristie A. May.

“I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to you especially and everyone at Staeger Clear Packaging ltd. Without the kindness of people & companies like you who are selflessly helping strangers, the world wouldn’t be as hopeful as it is. I am hoping the PPE will help everyone working at Derby hospital stay protected whilst they continue to help others. “

– Iqra Naeem.

“I’d like to say a really big thank you for helping us with the plastic for the NHS visors. I hope that you and all your loved ones are keeping well and safe. “

– Alexandra Rock, Director and Founder at Rock & Ruddle.

“I just want to say a very big Thank You for the fantastic masks you have sent us. My husband and I – and our colleagues – are very grateful to you and your team. We are so relieved that the public have taken steps to help protect us during this pandemic.
Thank you all!”

– Alison George.

“Thank you so much for the face visors. It was very kind of you to think of us and they are much appreciated.”

– Norma Cozens, ACCU, Harefield Hospital.

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