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Plastic Packaging

Innovative Printing Solutions

Quality & Innovative Finish

Custom packaging design offers much more than just protection. Ultimately, the packaging becomes part of the product itself reflecting the image and quality of the brand. That’s why it’s so important to get it right. We understand this well and pay special attention to this aspect at Staeger Clear Packaging.

Our specialist design team can meet the most demanding briefs with concept samples provided within 48 hours. You can rely on us to get your digitally printed designs just right.
Our most popular form of packaging print technique is Litho Printing (which utilises low-migration inks making it suitable for direct food contact). It is also the preferred method of printing as it produces lower emissions and wastage than digital printing.

But that’s not all. We also provide other types of digital printing including Silk Screen Printing, Hot Foil Blocking and the new Scodix© print enhancement. So there’s something to suit everyone’s needs and tastes.

View some examples of our designs on our solutions page.

Luxury printed perfume plastic packaging box.

Our Printing Techniques

  • Litho Printing – also known as offset printing – This is where the design is transferred successively from a sequence of multiple rubber rollers onto the packaging. It produces the highest quality finish and is perfect for bulk printing.
  • Screen printing – This technique uses mesh and mesh blockers to create a customised design, working on the same basis as a stencil. This technique is best used if you want to achieve highly saturated and vibrant colours on your finished product.
  • Lacquer – matt or glossy finishes to choose from.
  • Pearlescent finish – Very similar to a metallic effect but most often used in conjunction with non-metallic colours. It can be achieved by using either water, solvent or UV-pigment based ink.
  • Hot foil stamping and embossing – a heat imprinter machine heats up a customised die, which presses foil onto a surface. This transfers the metallic foil onto any solid surface, in this case onto your packaging. This technique works wonders if you’re after metallic design elements for your packaging.
  • High relief embossing – embossing is usually associated with paper designs, but it is also often used on plastic surfaces. A counterdie (a die made of front and back elements) is used to assemble your desired design. The packaging material is then sandwiched between both parts to either impress (raised embossed design) or depress (concave design – blind stamp) your design onto the material.
  • Flocking – this method deposits lots of small fibre particles onto your packaging to create a desired textured design – you can choose from leather, velvet, or any other texture of your choice. Speak to us directly to see what we have available.
  • Holograms – we have the capacity to create hologram designs, often used for certified logos or to achieve a modern and sleek look.
  • Braille engraving – our design techniques are innovative and forward-thinking. We ensure our products take all users into consideration, and that is especially true for visually impaired persons. We do everything to ensure everyone can get a great impression of your product.

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