Windowed Cartons

Wandering around the Supermarkets recently, it came to my attention that a lot of Easter packaging was dual material, a combination of cardboard and PET. The PET window to give visibility, and the cardboard structure presumably to reduce the amount of plastic?

I can understand the reasoning behind this, especially after the negative publicity associated with the David Attenborough documentaries. However I would like to point out that on my visits to Viridor, Biffa, Veolia & Suez, it became clear to me that the presence of dual material products (which could not easily be separated ) was a major obstruction to successful recycling. The reality of the situation is that these products would not be picked out by the near infra- red sensors into either the cardboard stream or the plastic stream and hence would become residual, to be land-filled or burnt!!

I am not sure the consumers understand this?


Made with knives!

“Ian spotted this next to the Cathedral in Coventry, collected from the youth of Coventry, Impressive!”

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