Windowed Cartons.. The Truth!

Where a plastic window is attached to carton board and can’t easily be removed, it makes the box widely unrecyclable. There are UK carton board re-processors  who can handle a degree of contamination (in this case plastic would be considered to be a contaminate) but the majority of the market for used cardboard lies abroad and , for export, each bale has to have at least a 99.5% purity. If a bale fails this threshold, then some might be sold within the UK, providing it meets  a certain level of purity as defined by the mill, but the rest, will be incinerated waste for energy. For certain, windowed cartons are not widely recyclable as some Councils will not accept them!


A Children's Story for Christmas by Barry Twigg

I have been blessed with 5 grandchildren (so far). Among which are 2 boys aged 4 and 6 both being educated within the borough of Southwark in South London. Whilst theirs

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