Ian Jamie video shot

Securing Face Visor Contract with the NHS


Staeger Clear Packaging has recently secured a six-month NHS contract for the supply of Face Visors. This will allow the company to quadruple in size. 

Ian Jamie explains that the company’s success lies in their unique selling point: they use their own British recycled plastic to make the Face Visors, due to the machinery being readily available in their factory.

This has been immensely useful during the lockdown when there was no imports and exports happening. Other companies struggled as they did not have access to their own plastic, So, Staeger were able to provide that for them instead.

Another advantage of having the materials readily available is that the costs are immensely cut down due to no additional Air Freight charges being added on – which can equate to savings of multiple pounds sterling per volumetric kilo. And so, they can provide quality CE marked Face Visors at competitive prices. View Staeger Clear Packaging’s full range of PPE supplies here.