Ian Jamie’s views on the Plastic Tax Consultation

I would like my thoughts included in the Plastic Tax Consultation.

I am the Managing Director of Staeger Clear Packaging in Coventry. We produce transparent packaging from recycled PET, 60% PCW. I set the business up in 1999 and sold it to Staeger of Switzerland in 2009. I stayed on as MD. We produce cartons from plastic for presentation/gifting purposes. Our main markets are toiletries, confectionery & food.

My contact details are:

Ian Jamie

Staeger Clear Packaging Ltd



Employ 40 people approx.

Manufacturers of PET packaging

The Consultation; Basic answers followed by further explanations

  1. A) I agree with the tax and I think 30% recycled content as a single threshold is a good starting point!
  2. B) However I think that it should only be PCW and not PIW!
  3. C) The tax should apply to all imports of plastic , whether filled or not!
  4. D) In my opinion there should no relief for smaller producers, all in it together!
  5. E) Windowed cartons ( cardboard carton with a plastic window glued in) should be taxed as well, unless we can convince the consumers to remove the window prior to recycling? Is this composite packaging or two separate pieces? The window should include at least 30% PCW. Windowed Cartons are not liked at the MRF’s , where they end up as residual to be land filled or burnt!
  6. F) I agree with the removal of the tax for exports. We export approx. £1million out of total turnover of £6million.
  7. G) Our suppliers can verify the amount of food grade PCW, we are using more. Currently we are using more and more British recycled food grade PET. The British Extruders have undergone some training by us, to meet the high quality standards we require. Staeger were the first extruders of PET in the world!
  8. G) Not worried about confidentiality.
  9. H) We are obligated under the producer responsibility regulations.

Further points:

Please do not do anything to damage British Business interests. Our main competitor is Chinese, and with the deepest of respect, I am concerned that they might send a lot of cheap plastic to the U.K. with no PCW recycled content. Filled plastic must be taxed to allow British Industry to re-establish itself!! Eventually we might produce these products here again?

Our recycling industry needs a boost and I think the Government’s plans are good. We must recycle as much as possible here in the U.K. and we all need to pay for this. Allowing poorly sorted plastic to go to China was a disaster for our industry. The Recycling Industry could not compete. I lost 300k trying to! Much investment is needed in our MRF’s and Plastic recyclers. We also need to create the right demand for our recycled plastic ( plastic tax) . The Councils need to move ahead quickly with standardised collections. The polymers need to be reduced as well. One last thought, pumping more plastic into the system each day and then blaming the waste disposal system for not efficiently collecting it, to prevent damage to the environment, does not seem to me to make sense?

All for now; please write to me if you have any further questions.

Best wishes

Ian Jamie


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