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Staeger's Orchid Packs Highly Commended


When TESCO decided to re-launch its established range of exotic plants, a new and innovative packaging format was essential to showcase these highly desirable botanical masterpieces.


Conditional to the new pack was that it should improve assembly efficiencies and importantly impart a safe and easy access mode for consumers to remove the plant. The previous pack needed purchasers to cut through the length of the plastic carton with a blade or scissors.


The solution was a 2 piece PET cylindrical pack with both parts produced from material made with a minimum 50% post-consumer waste content, also recyclable after use.


A transparent die cut & creased glued sleeve forms the main body of the pack which is screen printed in 2 colours to the Finest branding. A large un-printed area displays the stunning flowers and decorative ceramic holder. Sleeves are supplied flat to save space and cost during transit and storage


The sleeve combines with Macpac’s carefully designed & patented vacuum formed base and is attached by an arrangement integral male plugs that snap into corresponding female pockets formed into the side wall. This composition provides a cost effective means of assembly allied to a secure base which can be easily unclipped to allow effortless removal of the sleeve for un-hindered access to the plant, without the need to use a cutting tool.

The amalgamation of the 2 parts displays original and effective improvements over the previous pack


A ribbon carry handle is attached to the top of the sleeve to help transport from store to home


This is a truly innovative piece of packaging that is sure to boost sales and deserving of a prestigious award


Posted by on 7 December 2015

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