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Staeger Assist M&S With Fastest Selling Pud Ever

Jaffa Spheres 2


On its first day in 200 stores, it had sold out by 3pm — and it’s now become the fastest-selling dessert that M&S has ever stocked, with 170,000 flying off the shelves in just six weeks.

Yes, the new M&S Belgian Chocolate Jaffa Sphere is well on its way to becoming an iconic dessert — the first that the store has had since its Melting Middle Chocolate Puddings, which still sell brilliantly a decade after their launch.

Staeger and Rhokett Ltd (Cranbrook Kent), a producer of Desserts for M&S, have combined to produce the neat Jaffa Sphere pack. A combination of a cardboard skirt in the M&S household colours, and a recycled PET top to allow 360 degree viewing with a PET collar for protection, allows this brilliant product to sell itself.



Posted by on 23 October 2014

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