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Packaging Awards Blog

We had high hopes this year with both the M&S Designer collection and the Split Egg being entered into the Luxury Packaging Awards and the Designer Collection being entered into the UK Packaging Awards. All were shortlisted!!


Both projects involved a lot of work, co-ordinating other suppliers and overseeing the overall look. The packs were complicated!!

The Split Egg took 4 years to produce correctly, involving many transit trials. The arrangement of the product was inherently unstable, not helped by the fact that the eggs were handmade with slightly differing sizes. Nevertheless we finally succeeded and I think next time a project like this crosses our desk, we will be better prepared. Sadly we did not win a prize. Some of the Judges’ comments “This pack has a high degree of technical complexity and I applaud those who collaborated to deliver it” “ This was technically difficult to achieve but protects the product and displays the product very well”   “ Nice luxury packaging for chocolates but not the winner” “ This is definitely a luxury chocolate pack, the clear packaging showcases the split egg very well, giving a thorough vision of the chocolate”


The M&S Designer collection combines three packs and once again dominated my life for a while. It is difficult for me to understand why we did not win something here!, possibly the difficulty factor does not come across in the look or my write up? Anyway whatever, it was a great project and a pleasure to work with everyone. Some of the Judges’ comments “ This collection has a premium feel to it, the clear packaging does well to showcase the product and the objects that the chocolates are shaped into look great” “Visually lovely packs which almost render the chocolate too good to eat!”


Hey ho there is always next year!

Posted by on 3 August 2016

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