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Ian Jamie Reviews Staeger At Packaging Innovations

Packaging Innovation Show Feb 25th and 26th NEC

Staegerclear had a spectacularly good Packaging Innovation show at the NEC on the 25th & 26Th Feb.

Full of original Innovations, including Color Logic seen for the first time on plastic, Dew Drop a reticulated varnish, and the cracked Ice effect, bought interested parties flowing onto the stand. Dairycrest, Glenmorangie, Mondelez, Boots, Diageo, M&S and many top Design Agencies all visited the stand and were impressed by what they saw

Color Logic is an American invention which manipulates the artwork/repro into producing multifarious metallic colours from silver ink, the process colours and white. Used on plastic, as displayed shown by the ‘mackerel’ image, gives a very original effect. This has never been seen before on recycled PET. Boots, particularly, took a real interest heralding the way forward potentially into Cosmetic and Toiletry work

The cracked Ice effect gives the PET the look of a smashed windscreen or cracked ice on a pond. It uses complex creasing technology and the Marketers have honed in on its potential for the Drinks and Toiletry/Cosmetic Industries. A very popular innovation as it allows the packaging to become interactive with the product at little cost.

Dew Drop is a varnish effect achieved by mixing a coating (cyrelle) varnish with a plate varnish to give another pleasing effect on plastic.

All in all a successful Show and much work to be done 

Posted by on 30 March 2015

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