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Finishing Options

Creasing Options 

Packaging Manufacturer

When it comes to creasing, we will select the most effective method available to suit your bespoke packaging design.

 Our methods include:

  • conventional,
  • heated,
  • RF (radio frequency)
  • soft fold and machine erectable creases such as CPF and Smartline.


Gluing Options 

At Staeger we have invested heavily in perfecting gluing and welding of plastics.

We have adhesives that are suited to all forms of packaging, whether it is a hot melt adhesive for general packaging or a specialized adhesive suited for products that may be exposed to extremes of temperatures ie chilled or frozen products.

Other machines have been built to replace the use of solvent glues. Our tube machines and our 4 corner lid/base machine join the plastic entirely with ultra-sonic welding. Avoiding the issues previously associated with these products when produced in pvc.